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We are certified PCI-DSS compliant and a member of the PCI Security Standards Council.

Do-Not Call (DNC) Policy



Consumers may request, by telephone or in writing (including email), that EMG or its clients stop calling them and place their name on company-specific "Do Not Call" list.  Although we may ask for your name, address, and telephone number, we will accept your request even if you only provide your telephone number.  You have a right to have calls stopped and to be put on the DNC List if you are still a customer.


When we recieve your request, your telephone number is added to the EMG/Client DNC List at the time the request is made.  In some cases it may take up to 2 weeks to complete processing the removal of your  telephone number from our database(s).  Your request will be honored within thirty (30) days and will stay on the EMG/Client List for at least five (5) years.  If you move, change your telephone number, or add an additional telephone number, you must provide us with the new telephone number in order for us to prevent calls to that number.


All employees of EMG that engage in outbound telephone solicitations are trained in this Policy as well as the proper use of state and federal DNC registries and are made aware of these procedures before they are allowed to place calls to consumers.  The Company has also distributed this policy to EMG client customer service departments, so that customer inquiries related to the Company's telemarketing efforts can be better addressed.  Managers, supervisors, or trainers, review the Policy with employees quarterly.

It is the policy of EMG to fully comply with all applicable telemarketing laws and regulations regarding wired and wireless telephone communications, whether such calls are made using pre-recorded or artificial calling technologies, or by a live person.  Our Do Not Call Policy "Policy" is designed to inform and educate our customers as to our business practices regarding consumer Do Not Call ("DNC") requests..

Do-Not-Call Scrubbing Process



EMG uses a "Possible Now" company software called DNC Solutions to upload calling lists and scrub out any registered DNC's.  DNC Solutions guarantees compliance and even provides legal support if a record is allegedly called in error.  To date (10 years) we have not had to use that side of their service.


DNC Solution handles the full range of Do Not Contact, Do Not Call, Do Not Fax, Do Not E-mail, Do Not Mail compliance, as well as cell phone scrubbing or segmentation.


DNC Solution also addresses the privacy directives and opt-in/opt-out preferences of your prospects and customers.  We receive the highest degree of regulatory compliance effort with DNC solution.

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