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Republic Services & Troje's

Welcome to Republic Services

Republic Services is here to help you!

We are here to help you with any questions you may have.  Helping you ensure your services are fulfilled.

  • We live here, we work here 14 employees live and work in IGH; 2 serve as IGH voluntary fire fighters

  • We make a difference for the community

  • Annual Scholarship for IGH Best Foundation

        Sponsor holiday on Main Street

  • Donate to IGH Park and Recreation Youth Safety Camp

  • Sponsor Food Truck Day for River Heights Chamber of Commerce

  • Thanksgiving Meals On Wheels supporter

        Recycling center in IGH – group and community           tours are available

Have Questions

Contact Us 952-946-5254

As your new local provider there is NO change in cost, pick-up schedule, or service

Information about the acquisition...


  • Republic Services and Troje’s Trash and Recycling have entered an agreement which will result in Republic Services taking ownership on October 1st, 2016

  • Republic Services will become your new service provider at that time

  • Troje’s billing will cover services rendered through September 30th; Republic Services will bill for services provided on and after October 1st

  • Your billing rate will not change

  • Republic Services’ goals in buying Troje’s are to honor the rich history and legacy of the family-owned Troje’s company

  • Provide great service to Troje’s customers

  • Retain the local jobs of Troje’s employees - each will have the opportunity to join Republic Services on October 1st

  • Expect this transition to be seamless for you, our customers

  • Their experienced local leadership and operations teams are fully committed to providing responsive service that ensures total customer satisfaction

Republic Services will answer customer calls beginning October 1st



About Republic Services

  • Complete customer satisfaction is Republic Services’ number one priority

  • Local company with national backing

  • 100+ employees work in Inver Grove Heights at the hauling division, recycling plant and landfill

  • 500 employees, three hauling operations, two recycling centers and a world-class landfill in the Twin Cities to serve you

  • Has been the industry leader in the Twin Cities since 1948

Frequently Asked Questions 

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