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Professional Services

We develop effective marketing programs which include traditional, non-traditional, and grass roots initiatives with an entrepreneurial approach tailored to meet your goals.  We will evaluate your current marketing programs to identify where there are opportunities for optimization. This includes taking a close look at your current results and developing new plans that will exceed your business goals.

Ideas to Campaign Execution

We offer many technology solutions for our clients but we also offer ideas, creative services, project mangement, and assist our clients with execution.  We take the guessing game out of the mix with proven concepts and strategies.  Let us create campaigns that are multi-channel and reach your target audience.


Some of our services are listed below:

  • mobile apps

  • video creation

  • online and mobile form captures

  • database management

  • acquisition and retention programs

  • interactive print to digital campaigns

Database Acquisition & Retention

We're multichannel customer acquisition and retention experts.  It all starts working with database solvers and we love difficult challenges.  We have created unique marketing partnerships that has made acquiring customers more efficient.  We will manage your campaigns to ensure that all marketing efforts are never over saturated.

Acquisition | reach the right consumer at the the right time with the right offer is now compounded by the dynamic of needing to reach them on the right device.  We have achieved it with proven campaigns and with our own data management tools.


Retention | our unique touch point retention services allows us to maximize customer lifetime revenue.  Our reporting and analytics enables us to connect with your customers at the right time to ensure revenue goals are met.



Kiosk Campaigns

EMG understands that there are no silver bullets to success.  We pride ourselves on being a company that will work hard to accomplish our client's goals and deliver the expected results.   We also have the ability to partner with our current clients on sales and marketing programs that increases kiosk sales.


Kiosk benefits:


  • personal face to face sales

  • enhance product and service awareness

  • increase profitability

  • generate leads

  • ipad and tablet sales forms

  • e-form captures

Digital media is changing

how consumers engage and

interact with brands

Simplify customer communications and offer multi-channel experiences

Mobile is the always on

channel and let us help you create engaging experiences

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